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If you are interested in history than Malta is definitely the place for you, the island is steeped in it. The oldest free standing structures in the world can be found at the Mnajdra Temples and Ggantija in Gozo, they are older than the Giza Pyramids and Stonehenge by thousands off years and have been declared World Heritage Sites. The Phoenicians, Arabs, Romans, The Knights of St John, the French and finally the British have all left their mark here.

The particular beauty of the capital city Valletta, built by the knights of St John, is a truly baroque city. It boasts many palaces and gardens and is by far one of the most outstanding and picturesque cities in the world and was also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is important to note here that Locations Valletta specializes in acquiring and listing the most splendid properties within the walls of this unique city. 

The Maltese islands also offer a blend of local and international cultural events, entertainment, exhibitions and so much more. There are traditional seasonal events such as carnival just before Easter and the irresistible summer fiestas. The feast celebrations are truly unique and wonderful in Malta. There are at least one feast a week during the summer months, when the night sky is illuminated with creative and colourful fireworks.

The nightlife in Malta rivals that of many European cities. There are annual arts and music festivals throughout the year. Whatever your taste in music you are bound to find a venue which aspires to your taste including classical, jazz or folk music.

You can also watch the latest blockbuster movies or art house films. There are regular theatre performances and these include opera and dance. There is also a biannual baroque festival.

During the summer months one can find many activities in seaside resorts, and there are regular historical re-enactments depicting the events that make Malta’s history special all the year round.

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